IKIZLER lighting solutions exhibition organized by Jaidah Lighting

The latest technology and trends in lighting products by the Turkey based brand IKIZLER were put on display at W Hotel at an event organized by their Qatar dealer Jaidah Lighting Solutions, a division of Jaidah Group. The exhibition included distinctive lighting styles like acoustic LED Lighting, suspended luminaries, spotlights, recessed downlights and surface mounted fittings making for an ergonomic and modern display. Functional lightings like clean room lighting for hospitals could also be seen.

Ikizler is focused on manufacturing technical lighting solutions with applications covering everything from defense to residential lighting. Ikizler and Jaidah Lighting have delivered several projects in Qatar including health centers, government buildings, hotels and infrastructure lighting for bridges and underpasses. Founded in 1982, Ikizler is a leading lighting manufacturer in Turkey with a global export network. It has acquired high level certifications in various ISO and electrical standards like CE and ROHS. Ikizler’s export manager Suphi Sari says, “We give a lot of importance to research & development. With LED technology coming to our lives in full speed, R&D is no longer just for design. The focus is now turning to technology like human centric lighting and internet of things.”

As a lighting solutions provider, Jaidah Lighting has developed technical services for both consultation and project implementation. A technical presentation at the event stated that Jaidah Lighting is capable of implementing lighting projects right from designing the concept and determining the project specifications to products supply, installation, testing, commissioning, training and finally maintenance. Over 100 personnel from sectors like consultancies, contractors, developers, business owners and facility management attended the event. Ms. Nivine Dalleh (Supervisor – Jaidah Lighting Solutions) commented, “Lighting Engineers must think outside the box and introduce original solutions that cater not only to a project’s requirements but are also compliant with Qatar’s high quality standards. Ikizler is a product which stands up to this high standard requirement.”

Mrs. Banu Akin (COO – IKIZLER Lighting) commented on lighting industry’s future, “Lighting, as we know today, is not just about switching lights on and off. In today’s information age, the industry is moving towards smart lighting, with even Wi-fi based lighting now possible. With the right partners, we can quickly move the Qatari market towards adopting modern lighting technology from Ikizler.” Mr. Altug Okay (Managing Director – Jaidah Projects) seconded the opinion saying, “In a volatile market, where competition is as high as it is today, getting innovative products and original solutions differentiates Jaidah from competition. Jaidah Group touches everybody’s life in Qatar as we provide solutions for everything from bulbs to car, from electrification of buildings to heavy equipment, from safety boots to CNC machines, security systems and much more. We want customers to benefit from our knowledge and expertise.”

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