Business Support

SCM supply chain management

The following divisions/departments and their administrative responsibilities and staff fall under the umbrella of Jaidah Group’s Business Support.

Three years ago, the Supply Chain division was created, enabling us to effectively consolidate and oversee the order-to-delivery cycle of merchandise. The Supply Chain Division’s efficiency reflects the Jaidah Group’s core focus; customer and customer satisfaction.

The division includes Logistics Department, which is entrusted the responsibilities of ensuring that the entire process of logistics is maintained and developed. The tasks of the department involve warehousing, storage, movement of goods both internally and end externally, tracking and delivery of goods. It includes a comprehensive process of managing, planning, coordinating and controlling and making sure that supplies reach the right place at the right time at an economical cost.

Working closely with Logistics is the Shipping Department which also falls under the Supply Chain Division. Shipping department’s responsibilities include customs clearance, interacting with local authorities and transporters to ensure merchandise is cleared and safely transported to warehouses.

Supply Chain division is committed to providing exceptional service to companies, clients and the Jaidah Group.

With its dedicated team of approximately 63 employees, the Supply Chain division is committed to exceeding customer expectations in all interactions.