Heavy Equipment

For over 30 years, the Heavy Equipment division has prided itself on its ability to provide up-to-date products, parts and service solutions; covering transportation, construction machinery and material handling equipment needs. Jaidah HED ’s products, parts and services are apparent in numerous major projects around Qatar.

Heavy Equipment

For over 30 years, the Heavy Equipment division has prided itself on its ability to provide up to-date products, parts and service solutions covering transportation, construction machinery and material handling equipment needs in numerous major projects around Qatar.

With tailor-made training modules from the division’s specialized, in house technical trainer, Jaidah Heavy Equipment is constantly evolving in order to offer the most sustainable service alongside product sales.

We aim to constantly exceed high customer standards and the division’s own ever-evolving set of goals.

At Jaidah Heavy Equipment, we see the key to excellence as possessing the right skills and fostering a healthy team spirit. In effect, we invest heavily in our biggest asset – our staff. By recruiting standout talent and providing the aforementioned training on a regular basis, we help develop the division and aid staff in their own self development.

The division boasts some of the leading public and private enterprises active in a multitude of industries, including energy, construction, civil works, transportation and rental. It is also a standout factor to clients within industries that we offer a wide range of products from internationally acknowledged brands.

Jaidah Heavy Equipment also offers a complete post sales solution for our customers’ convenience, including field service, maintenance contracts and excellent availability of parts. Catering for all types of repair, including a state of the art fuel pump, injector repair and servicing facility. The Heavy Equipment care centre is a unique feature of the division.

The division announced recently a pioneering partnership with the US-based engine manufacturer, Cummins Inc.

Cummins Qatar is operating out of a renovated showroom and workshop in Doha’s Industrial Area, providing the full range of Cummins’ world-leading products, which include engines, power generation equipment, components, fuel systems, and filtration and emission solutions. The Doha facility also houses a technical area for the provision of after-sales service.

This partnership combines a workforce with diverse skill sets, knowledge and talent, that understands complex issues at local levels, which is key to meeting the business aim of delivering consistent and superior customer service.

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Industrial Supply

Jaidah Group has, for 17 years, benefited the booming Qatari commercial sector with peerless experience in industrial supply, catering to every need within the country’s increasingly demanding market with a comprehensive list of products, including light bulbs, LED systems, wiring accessories, internationally branded circuit breakers and controls, armoured cables and cable management systems.

The Electrical & Systems Department adds to these capabilities with an even greater sense of synergy, establishing services and systems to accommodate structured cabling, UPS, security, home automation and data communication systems.

The Electrical Department provides customers with light bulbs, LED lamps, Ballasts, wiring accessories, armored cables, flexible cables and cable management systems as well as all kinds of circuit breakers and controls.

The Safety & Tools Department delivers all types of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hard hats, safety glasses and goggles, ear protectors, coveralls, safety shoes and facemasks. The department also supplies a comprehensive list of industrial items, namely mechanical seals, gaskets, packing materials, expansion joint, hydraulic equipment, welding machines, tire inflators and painting equipment.

The department is also a supplier of light construction & fabrication equipments for tasks as diverse as plumbing, steel fabrication, garages & workshops and lifting & handling. Among those are hand tools, specially tools, toolboxes, workbenches as well as professional industrial tools. The highest levels of customer satisfaction is our aim, therefore the Safety & Tools department maintains an after sales team of qualified technicians ensuring a long-term commitment to excellence, including installation & after sales service for the machines and/or equipments. Panel Building is a new business segment created by the division a year ago, catering to ever -evolving customer needs.

Panel Building is a new business segment created by the Industrial Supply Division to cater for the ever changing needs of its customers.

The Shell Lubricant department holds a full range of emollient items like engine oil, transmission oil, turbine oil, degreasers, detergents, etc. to cater to the demand of industrial marine, aviation and automotive after sakes sectors.

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